Cartilex by LASERIX

A second life for horses affected by arthrosis

What is Cartilex?

Cartilex: a unique method

Repair and heal precocious osteoarthrosis

Cartilage damages

Superficial wounds are normally treated by debridement of the damaged surface by means of mechanical shavers or by laser. Mechanical shavers are simple but they take away too much of the healthy cartilage.

Without treatment, the articulation continues to degenerate until complete destruction of the cartilage. It is then necessary to improve the present technics of chondroplasty in order to diminish the amount of healthy cartilage eliminated when the damaged or sick tissues are withdrawn in the clinical case of early osteoartrothis, and to smooth the damaged surface.

The laser has been well used in human medicine as it is the only instrument able of smoothing the hyaline cartilage without leaving a surface in form of a toothbrush, having bad mechanical properties and presenting the risk of widening the debrided area. However, the lasers used till now have a big risk of important thermial damages and demands a high skill to the surgeon. The laser beam should be used tangentially to the cartilage surface according to a precise angle.

Resurfacing the articular cartilage with the Cartilex method

In order to solve the problem of superficial cartilage wounds, Laserix has developed a patented method, that consists, first of all to apply a liquid dye that fixes at the surface of the cartilage. This dye is not toxic and has already been used in human medicine for numerous years. It absorbs the light from the laser, enabling to use much less power: even in the absence of the dye, the laser light diffuses without any danger through the articular cartilage.

The surgeon will resurface the articular cartilage with the Cartilex arthroscopic laser. He will withdraw a thin layer of damaged cartilage, leaving a smooth surface. The articulation can then start to function properly.

The optical tips is used like a rubber eraser. (1cm² lissé en 1 minute)

It has been observed that the laser light stimulates the chondrocytes: the thickness of the cartilage increases and the structure of the cartilage is restored.


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Our Benefits

Innovative T3R (Tissue Repair Regeneration & Replacement)

A true healing process

Cartilex allows a real healing of the horse, the cartilage is repaired and the pain simply disappears.

Extends the horse's lifespan

An operation with Cartilex will lengthen the sport life of the horse, at the races and anywhere else.

Easy and safe to use

Cartilex is compatible with existing arthroscopy apparatus.It is easy to handle, without any negative effect, and significantly minimizes risks of accidents.

The company

VISION : Be the leader in developing laser-based innovative solutions for the treatment of arthrosis

MISSION : Complete the validation of Cartilex in horses, et identify a partner for the industrialization and distribution of Cartilex by end 2017

Our history till now

  • 2019

    Transition to Human Cartilex has begun

    The 3D scientific follow-up of the articular cartilage is done using a non-invasing method.

  • 2018

    Small animals version of Cartilex.

    Titanium miniaturized surgical tips have been developped and fabricated with a 3D printing method.

  • 2017

    Manufacturing for europe has started.

    Laserix preps itself to launch manufactured lasers in the european market.

  • august 24th 2015

    Race won by Cominols, the horse operated with Cartilex.

    Nearly one year, day for day after its operation, Caminols won the horse race “Weltmeisterschaftslauf Fegentri” in Zurich. It went on to win a 2nd race.
    It is completely healed.

  • 1st semester 2015

    Capital increase, incorporation to Hippolia.

    Laserix SARL becomes Laserix SA, capital increase of CHF 465'000 and receives the pole label of the very competitive Hippolia.

  • august 27th 2014

    First operation on a live horse.

    Dr. Theo Tschanz operates with the Cartilex prototype the horse named Caminols at the equine clinic Neugraben SA ìn Niederlenz (Switzerland).

  • 2007

    First prototype success.

    Cartilex passes with flying colours the feasibility tests at the Institute of Pathology of the University of Bern.

  • 2006

    Launch of Laserix and incorporation to Neode Scientific Parc.

    Laservet SARL becomes Laserix SA and Neode insider, the innovative businesses park in Neuchâtel.

  • 2002

    Launch of Laservet SARL.

    Prof. Pierre Ravussin starts Laservet SARL to finalize what will become the Cartilex method.

Team Laserix

Pierre Ravussin

CEO & Co-founder, Member of the board

Gilbert Mouthon


Claude Daenzer ✝


Charles Ravussin

Member of the board

Axel Schmid

Financial advisor

Céline Schmid

Market analyst

Dr. Christophe Rateau

Human Cartilex scientific advisor

Pierre-Alain Bossy


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